Legs Workout – Gym Routines that tone your legs

Isn’t toned and slim legs something that every person desires? Those pumped calves are something to die for. Even if leg days are quite tiresome and challenging, yet in the end, all the pain is completely worth it. That burn itself is the motivating factor of building muscle. Even though it pains, pushing your limits and working that extra rep is something really rewarding. If you are an actual fitness enthusiast, you can totally relate to this.

Having those toned legs is not something really tough but needs a clear-cut strategy to build those muscles perfectly. You just cannot start out with any exercise anytime randomly. Having a proper workout routine with a warm-up session is really crucial. These can make or break your workout routine!

Thus, we have curated a killer workout routine that will tone those leg muscles quickly and easily. All the exercises in this routine focus on your leg and glute muscles. You just need the basic equipment that is readily available in your gym. We will have an in-depth step by step procedure of every exercise just for your convenience. Always remember to make exercise a fun activity to get more benefits.

This workout is just ten minutes, so let’s gear up and ace this routine!

Warm-up (2 minutes)

Let’s start with the basics.

  • Hip Circles(30 seconds each leg)

Get on to your mat on your elbows and knees. Keep your shoulders over elbows and your hips over your knees. Now start with the right leg and make wide circles in the air. Try to keep your torso tight and stable. Switch to the other leg.

  • Side Leg Lifts(30 Seconds each leg)

Start by lying on the mat to your right side. Keep your feet flexed. Put your hand on the ground in front of your chest to have support. Keep your body pin-straight and tailbone engaged. Lift your left leg upwards gradually towards the ceiling, flexed and straight. Switch sides and do the same with your right leg.

  • Alternating Leg Lowers( 60 seconds)

Lie down on your back. Keep your hands under your hips with your lower back properly pressed onto the mat. Lift both of your legs at a 90º angle. Now bring one leg down slowly and do the same with alternate legs. Note: Your spinal cord should be straight and pressed down. Do not have an arch since that would lead to back injuries.

 Main moves(8 minutes)

Do as many reps as you can within the stipulated time. Keep It slow and controlled and don’t rush just to increase the rep count.

  • Air Squats(60 seconds)

Stand firmly with your feet at your hip-distance apart. Keep your toes pointed out. Look straight and sit slowly while shifting your hips slightly back. Lower down until thighs are parallel to the ground. Put your resistance bands over your calves. And hold a dumbbell for the extra weight. Feel that tension in your glute muscles.

Drive-up through the heels and stand back. Repeat the same. Keep it slow and feel that burn.

  • Single leg deadlifts( 60 seconds)

Stand while keeping the entire body weight on your right foot and keep it slightly bent. Lift your left leg and left arm slowly at opposite directions. Tilt down until your torso is parallel to the floor. Try to form a single line. Do the same with the other leg as well.

Focus on engaging your core and your glute muscles for proper balance.

  • Kneeling Extension(60 Seconds)

Kneel down on the mat. Sit on your heels with your hips lowered. Hold a weighted dumbbell in front of your chest or abs and keep them engaged.

Now lift your hips up gradually and engage your glutes for support. Lower down and repeat. Make slow and gradual moves to feel the burn.

  • Glute Bridges(2 minutes)

Lie down on your back and keep your knees bent. Keep your feet at a hips distance wide. Lift our hips towards the ceiling and engage your glute muscles efficiently. Place a weighted dumbbell on your abdomen for that extra resistance. Keep your core properly engaged, as well. Gradually lower your hips down and repeat the process.

  • Spider Planks(60 seconds)

Get down on a plank position. Keep your head and heels in a straight line and shoulders over your wrists. Now bring your left knee inwards towards the right elbow. Give a bit of twist via your abdomen.

Get back to the previous plank position and do the same with your other leg as well.

  • Lunge Holds(4 minutes)

Kneel down and tuck your right toe behind you. Keep a proper 90º bend. Hold a weighted dumbbell for that extra push. Keep your core and glute muscles, strong and engaged for maximum balance. Hold it for 30 seconds and proceed to the other leg.

Wrap Up

This workout is surely challenging and tough if you are just starting out. But if the steps are followed precisely, you can surely ace the balance and coordination. After that, it will just be a piece of cake! The extra weights and the resistance bands are surely the cherries on the top! You will surely love us and hate us for such an amazing workout routine by the time you reach the end of the leg routine.

Remember to increase your weights after a specific time when this becomes easy for you. This is because your muscles grow when you keep challenging them to do tougher workouts. Thus, gear up and hit your leg day today at the gym! Comment and share your experience below after completing this awesome workout!

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